• Your Personal Swiss Digital Safe

    Store An Infinite Amount of Personal Notes and Files Securely In Your One-Of-A-Kind Swiss Digital Safe

  • SecurusVault — Swiss Online Backup Solution

    Securely Store Your Data With Our Trusted Swiss Technology


GlobeX Data Swiss Cloud Storage Solutions

100% Swiss Secure
Cloud Storage

Get the Swiss quality, privacy and security Switzerland can offer. Our data centre houses the world’s leading organizations from the private and public sector, from banking to telecommunications. Your data is too valuable, trust our Swiss Cloud Storage to keep it safe!

100% Swiss Confidentiality
and Privacy Assured

Our policy is to keep your data private and confidential. Our staff does not have access to your data and we never sell or disclose your information. Even our CEO does not have access to your safe! Your data is protected by the Swiss Federal Electronic Data Privacy Law.

We Are Your Swiss Bank
For All Your Digital Data

Consider us your safety deposit box for all your data. Whether protecting personal or business data, you can count on us to make sure it stays safe and private. Your data is encrypted to highest industry standards and is stored in multiple servers with triple backup redundancy!